Mission Waco Evaluation

By: Sam Landess

Evaluating our PR campaign is not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to figure out how well or not our own campaign is doing. Since we are not done with the campaign yet, we have to plan out how we will evaluate each step in the group campaign. One of the steps is the social media strategy, shown below.

This step might be one of the easier things to evaluate. We will actually be able to see the growth in followers or see the analytics of each social media platform. The video below is one way we can posibly evaluate our social media.

Video by: Higher Gear Marketing Group

Our campaign is focusing on the Fair Trade Market that Mission Waco is putting on. It will be a challenge to complete a PR campaign on this event let alone know how to evaluate it. To look at the actual revenue coming in and how well the event will be, is how we need to evlauate the succes of the Fair Trade Market and the campaign we are putting on.

Photo by: Jerry Larson

Our campign is #BringInTheSpring. We will use this for the Fair Trade Market to help Mission Waco’s event be more successful. After the campaign is in motion, we will be able to evaluate it and see the outcome.