Looking for those crazy enough to try the impossible

By: Sam Smith-Eppsteiner

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Photo by Molly DeCoudreaux from Curiosty Camp

We live in a time when standards of living are increasing globally — people are living longer, healthier, more connected lives. Problems that previously seemed insurmountable are now being solved by teams tackling them in a new way, with technology. But we also have a lot of work to do on new and persistent issues, from climate change to economic immobility.

I’m thrilled to return to Innovation Endeavors as a Partner because I get to help teams solve these big, gnarly problems. The companies we invest in don’t always comply with traditional definitions of “tech” but they use cutting-edge technical innovation to take on existing surgical techniques, planning and decision-making in shipping, and how we get fresh, nutritional produce on our plates. I feel lucky to work with founders to push the boundaries of what is possible. …


Sam Smith-Eppsteiner

VC @ Innovation Endeavors. Tech for the real world, people, infrastructure, and the climate.