The General Election is not responsive

The General Election is a bit like the World Cup. I’m not that into world football but once every four years the score of South Korea v Algeria has a huge bearing on my life. Right now I’m into politics. I watch the debates, read the papers and even listen to Radio 4 in the mornings. I care more this year as I have just had a baby and well, education, the NHS…that business just got way more important.

Yesterday, I joked to my mum that I would vote for the person in my constituency who had the best website. She wasn’t impressed.

A little like me when I visited the websites of the candidates. (FYI mum if you’re reading, I’ve done this alphabetically)

Lynne Featherstone — Lib Dem

Her site is filled with drop shadows, and seems to work on mobile, in that ‘zoomed out designed on wordpress in 2009 style.’ As a blog, it does a job but I’d appreciate a simple wordpress theme update. You update it in five minutes.

Score 5 out of 10 — ugly design, not fully responsive and too many drop shadows (

Clive Morrison — UKIP

Well. Awful. Someone literally knocked this out in 8 minutes using the 2015 theme on wordpress. Even if you didn’t recognise the theme you could see it in the footer. His username is Hardtalk1 and the imagery reminds me of some of the bands I used to follow on Myspace in the early noughties. That said the site is kind of responsive. Somehow they’ve managed to fuck up the wordpress responsiveness and looking at in on mobile there are bullet points scattered about the place.

Score 2 out of 10 — They haven’t changed the favicon, the font is horrible and don’t get me started on the photo.

Geoff Moseley — Hoi Polloi

It’s on brand, I’ll give it that. White text on a dark background just like the main Hoi Polloi website. There’s a picture of Jimmy Saville half way down and a quote by Ghandi at the end. It’s a bit jumbled and I’m pretty sure my 7 year old cousin could design something better. It’s Ghastly.

Score 1 — only because they coded from scratch. Utterly responsiveless. How can I read their manifesto on the bus?

Gordon Peters — Green

He doesn’t even have his own site. I guess this is some kind of carbon neutral statement or something. Anyway — there’s a link to his bio on the Greens main website and he’s wearing a Christmassy Jumper with a grey shirt. His Twitter tells me that he’s a poet and a social ecologist.

Score 0 — no site — what will the 18–24s think?

Suhail Rahuja — Conservative

Another without a site. I found Suhail’s Linkedin profile and he doesn’t have a profile picture and a google image search results in quite a lot of pictures of Harry Kane. There is very little about him anywhere. He is a small business owner.

Score 0 — not only has he got no site, he hasn’t even got a twitter profile. Jeez.

Helen Spiby Vann — Christian Peoples Alliance

This isn’t the worst I’ve seen. They used Wix to build the site so it should just work. But, unfortunately it doesn’t. They used quite a big background image so when you hit the site on a mobile it’s just an empty background. Scrolling down you get to a blurry picture of Helen and a contact form. I’ve no idea what’s going on.

Score 4 — the site is responsive, but it doesn’t really work. Also didn’t change favicon. Poor. —

Catherine West — Labour

It’s the best of a bad bunch which falls down with their form at the top of the page which must have messed up the HTML. The header is cut off on mobile and the form extends across the page. In portrait it looks like Cath W and in landscape on the phone it’s Catheri West. I’m actually surprised that nobody has fixed this. Other than that the site is pretty much fully responsive.

Score 6 (my mum can breath again!)— falls flat with the header issue and I don’t like their facebook and twitter login buttons. Other than that not too bad. —

So, in a world where mobile matters so much why is something so important overlooked by the people that will have so much impact on our future? If they want the 18–24 year olds to get out to vote for them then maybe, just maybe something as simple as a website that works wouldn’t be such a bad idea.