What the fuck am I complaining about?

I ate today.

I was blessed with the privilege of stuffing my mouth with delicious fucking food that I didn’t work for at all.

Stuffing my non-effort making ass as I write this.

I moved in today.

Moved in to a government sponsored dorm room that had all the pickins a wee little laddie could yearn for; Water, light, a porcelain bowl that takes your rancid balls of waste and magically makes them disappear, and a sea of welcoming (and equally privileged) faces.

I used a whole array of nifty little gadgets- phone, laptop, and Playstation- that were all provided solely for my disposal.

And all this for what?

Because I popped out of the right vagina?

Because I did well on a test?

Because I showed up and filled in the right amount of bubbles in the right amount of places?

I asked myself a question today.

Why the fuck do I deserve this?

Two questions:

What the fuck am I complaining about?

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