CNA Week 2

Mother of Patient Shot at Hospital Demands Mental Health Reform

Jonathan Warner was shot in the leg while in Lynchburg General Hospital for mental health. He supposedly attacked a security guard and the guard shot him five times. Warner’s mother is now calling for a reform.

Virginia Tech Researchers Find New Way to Prevent the Spread of the Flu

Achla Maratha, Virginia Tech researcher, made progress in discovering how to prevent the flu. Virginia Tech study shows that large families and children who go to school are more likely to get the flu. The conclusion is that children and members of big families should be prioritized when giving out flu vaccinations.

New Childcare Center in Radford to Open Already National Accredited

A brand new childcare center will be opened in the New River Valley on February first. The new center has a gym with padded floors along with other unique accommodations for young ones. received the highest certification for quality.

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