News Writing Project 2

A Jump Trampoline Park will be replacing where the old dollar theater was. Students will care because the dollar theater was beloved and everyone wants to know if what replaces it will be worthy of the spot.

This is a good topic for online format because people will need to hear their own fellow students talking about the trampoline park to believe it’s actually happening. So many rumors start at Liberty with construction, so this story will need videos of interviews.

  • there is going to be a trampoline park in town
  • it is expected to be here by September, 2016
  • it will only be around $8-$12
  • possibly student discounts
  • Stored source: Liberty Champion
  • Interview Subjects: two Liberty students, possibly a facility member

I would include hyperlinks to the Jump Trampoline Park website, a map of where the location is, the Liberty Champion article, and an article from WSET from back when the dollar theater first closed.

I would have video of students’ reactions to the news of getting a trampoline park. I have also considered even taking a poll, of students who would rather have the movie theater or trampoline park, and making an info graph of it.