Pa Governor Research

The governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, was born and raised in York, Pennsylvania. In fact he still lives there to this day.

He got his undergraduate degree at Dartmouth, and graduate degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of London. He even took two years off serving in the Peace Corps while he was still going for his undergrad. He was stationed in Orissa, India, which he claims taught him how to be a truly hard worker Interestingly enough, his first job after graduating had nothing to do with his major, in fact, he worked at a Tru-Value hardware store.

Wolf started thinking about higher things than the typical child when his parents sent him to a Quaker-affiliated summer camp. Wolf’s parents tricked him by convincing him he was actually going to a baseball camp. Instead of learning baseball, he learned how to think critically. His mind was opened for the first time to important people and events in history at the camp.

The Wolfs have a family business called the Wolf Organization. The organization distributes lumber and building products that are in York. Wolf worked for the business as a warehouse worker and forklift operator while he was getting his PhD.

Wolf used the family business as a way to rally other local businesses, to begin his campaign. He ran due to the prodding of the then current chairman of the county’s democratic party. On Jan. 20, 2015, Wolf became Pennsylvania’s governor.

Since becoming governor, Wolf has personally served on committees and boards for arts, education, health, etc. He has made a large footprint in practical places such as soup kitchens.

Tom Wolf has raised a family with his wife Frances Wolf. Tom Wolf and Frances Wolf have celebrated 39 years of marriage and have raised two daughters, Katie and Sarah.

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