The Block Party

  1. A story on how Liberty is able to continually bring big names like Capital Kings and Social Club to campus.
  • Because: It would be intriguing to find out where Liberty’s money is allotted to be able to do that all the time. Yes, it is a nonprofit, but what are the budget cuts for bringing big namers in versus how much they put toward scholarships for their students? On other note, was it actually scaled down this year?

2. A story on how although it was a college party, it was pretty family and community friendly.

  • Because: you could write about how unique it is that a college kick off party would have fun for the whole family like a ferris wheel and free food.

3. A story on how the event went on with still a large turn out in the rain.

  • Because: you can talk about Liberty’s event staff and how good they must be to pull that off, and talk about the dedication of the students to still want to come.
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