A series of abstracts examining who Steve Jobs was, how he viewed the world and how he shaped the future.


The Holy Mountain is a whirling, terrifying masterpiece. Full of flesh, magic and horror. The film was created in 1973 by Mexican auteur Alejandro Jodorowsky, and- being limited by the physical medium of the time- was only shown at select film festivals and screenings. Jodorowsky’s ability to blend the obsessions of the ’60s and early ’70s: psychedelia, transgression and the occult, leave The Holy Mountain a vital achievement. In many ways, the film is the reverse of The Beatles’…

…and one day your favourite genre will too.

Earlier this year the expert engineers at Myspace deleted all of the music uploaded to the site between 2003–2015. Whoops, sorry, it was a botched system transfer, won’t happen again.

This is clearly terrible news for the history of music. And while it’s easy to laugh at the absurdity of thousands upon thousands of songs just being ‘deleted’ so casually, the reality is deeply disappointing. This isn’t only about the insult sent to the musicians who have had their artwork purged, but the damage done to the musical history of the internet…

Tokyo is one of the greatest cities on earth. Home to 14 million people, stretching from mountains to sea, the metropolis has been stealing hearts for centuries. With a sophisticated culture, world-class food, smooth public transport and endless treasures to explore, it’s no wonder Tokyo attracts waves of visitors from across the globe every year.

It’s a city with an aesthetic like no other: dense neon hanging from weathered office blocks. Shrines dotting the landscape, opposite brightly lit convenience stores. The streets busy and dense, thick with excitement. It drips electronic sweat. Tokyo’s waves and vibes have inspired countless artists…

Howard Schultz is the Candidate for No One

Part 1- Dead End Road

Howard Schultz is a man without a base, whose run for the Presidency can do no good for America- but could potentially damage the very moderating influences he seeks to enhance.

The former Starbucks CEO has been teasing a Presidential run for several years now. And in recent months appears to be squaring up to actually follow through. His previous political actions, current ‘listening tour’ and slew of interviews have seen him start to outline his platform. …

Sam L Barker

Tech Marketer and Freelance Writer. Former English Teacher in Tokyo. One half of Sanpo Eigo. City Lover. https://twitter.com/mxhdroom9

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