Luckily the socialist society’s were such a huge success : Stalinism, Maoism and the success-story…
Michel Kerger

Oh no, the horror of bread lines! Let’s pretend that capitalism only refers to your petite bourgeois experience in the United States, and that the billions of people across the globe being exploited for your benefit are somehow excluded from the harms attributed to capitalism. Like maybe at least consider for a couple of seconds that people other than rich, White, American citizens are impacted by capitalism — maybe take a second to consider that American capitalism is a sweatshop in Bangladesh and that those people’s lives have value, and “bread lines” starts to look like like the stupidest possible retort. Maybe consider that even within the United States there is a food pantry in just about every single town, that there are homeless people in every single town, that there are places where children are being poisoned by their water and murdered by their police. The United States is global leader in terrorism, environmental destruction, and slavery.

But you’re right, MMLF 7619, queuing for your free food is much worse than all of that.

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