The Goal, The Journey, 2017

I have a goal, and no, it has nothing to do with MLK.

The Pacific Crest Trail, a 2600 mile hiking journey through the heart of the Untied States (sort of, maybe to the left a little). Beginning at the border of Mexico and finishing at the Canadian border. Half of the journey being in California, through the harshest of conditions. Deserts to snow covered mountains to forests while suffering through massive temperature fluctuations.

It ain’t a easy task, you must prepare food for the next 6 months. The food must contain enough calories to compensate for the lost calories during the day. Gathering food and shipping to yourself is the common rule of thumb for any thru-hiker. Bringing the wrong equipment is easy of you think it will be a walk in the park.

The staggering numbers ALONE are intimidating to any seasoned hiker.

6 Months

Yes, 6 months, 6 MONTHS. Walking everyday for that amount of time seems absolutely unrealistic. But in truth, is very common. Up to 30 people dapart everyday during late April to Early May and arrive September to October, depending on the pace. Logistics are massive but achievable, takes of months of prep and gaining knowledge form previous thru hikers are a bonus.

2,650 Miles

The journey, beginning in California on Mexican border, cutting through Oregon and finally ending in Washington on the Canadian border. On the way, you will not find a densely populated city, only the towns with the same personality as the hikers themselves. City folk who have experienced, lived and made friends on the trail.

Either side of the trail, you see only a never-ending connection to land, unbroken by cityscapes freeways. Miles on either side, are protected state parks for miles.

5000 Calories Per Day

In this instance it would be okay to indulge in the odd big mac. As one would burn it off after your morning walk. Out here everything wants to kill you. Not providing the essential nutrients and food intake is enough for a trip to the ER. JUST WALKING. Who gives a shit about animals, you are more focussed on keeping yourself nourished and at a consistent weight.

The common procedure is gathering all food ahead time, packing them into shipping boxes and sending them to yourself. This ain’t easy, you must develop a daily regiment that will cover the amount of calories burned per day while determining what type of food is best, and hopefully it being a light enough package. And when all is said and done, once you arrive to your destination, your package will be waiting.

Post offices along the trail will keep your package for you. As long as your provide a date of arrival.

The Goal

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

I HAVE TO DO THIS. I am in need of exploring. When I first discovered the trail and saw some pictures, I did not hesitate for a SECOND if this was a bad idea or not. It is not a maybe, it is a resounding yes, yes I’m doing this. As I’m sitting and typing this, the trail has taken precedence as the MOST important step in my life. I cannot see myself sitting in a fucking chair and typing for eight hours a day this early in my existence. You have not accomplished anything if you have not experienced the world in it’s entirety and you feel a sense of satisfaction/accomplishment once it’s time to say goodbye.

Who gives a shit of how much money you make if you don’t have story to tell. We have built ourselves off of storytelling and exploring.

Wow that was intense. In the mean time over a year of prep is in order. I will hopefully be updating on a regular bases, going into greater detail of the trail, and where I’m at for preparation. In the mean time, open the door.


See you on the trail.

P.S My grammar is generally terrible. Working on it.

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