I’m a Spoiled Idiot

2 flights in 2 days (after the original was cancelled ruining a day of work, etc. etc.) and 2 full days of work to be somehow crammed in to the intermittent airline wifi, calls from rental car shuttles, and meetings when I finally did make it to the office I was working from, had me a bit cranky the other week. In an attempt to catch up a bit on the flight home, I was frustrated (because I’d be embarrassed to say that truly I was enraged) at the piss poor wifi. Mind you, this was an hour or so after being completely enraptured by the view of Manhattan after taking off and flying out of one of the greatest cities in the world.

I was reminded of the Louis CK bit about the spoiled generation who doesn’t appreciate the insane technological advancements of recent history.

I admit it. I’m a member of this generation of spoiled idiots, and it came to bear on a flight where the wifi was intermittent.

I think it’s true that traveling (especially travel issues) bring out peoples’ true selves. I’ve encountered it over and over the past year where my work has required increased travel. You see the best in people and the worst in people as they are in stressful situations and face inconvenience and disappointment. Others have certainly seen it in me, as I faced delays, cancelled flights, and sprints through terminals.

At the end of the day, no matter how much is on our plate, or how many items remain unchecked on our to-do lists, we have an extraordinary amount to be grateful for. We have breath in our lungs, and dreams in our hearts. Today is a gift! The ability to beam wireless signals while hurling through the air in a metal tube is simply icing on the cake.

I needed the reminder recently, and perhaps you could benefit from it as well. We live in the most thrilling time in history to be alive. The possibilities are endless. Our access to information and culture is without end. Today is a gift. Let us know that deep in our guts.

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