5 Ways the Book “Take Me to Your Leader$,” By Sam Manfer Helps Salespersons

Business to Business selling (B2B) in the 21th Century requires more than experience. Most sales professionals hone their skills after many trials and errors experiences. However, the ultimate skill for B2B selling in the 21th Century is being able to get-to the top decision maker and winning him or her over. This is where the book TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER$ by Sam Manfer presents an ideal guide and eliminates the pains of trial and error. Let’s go through different way through which the book can help professional sales people.

Reaching the decision makers

Passing the obstacles to reach the decision makers of the company is one of the toughest tasks for the professionals. Obstacles may vary from company to company. Also, various gatekeepers don’t understand the importance of the product or service, or may not want what you are trying to sell. TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER$ by Sam Manfer offers myriad tactics to conquer gatekeepers, intimidation, busy executives, and other obstacles that are stopping you from reaching the top management.

Asking the right questions

It is meaningful dialogue about the executive’s needs and wants that allow sales professionals to extract the buying triggers from the other party. To do this one must use the executive focused questions that play into the C-Levels mind set. The use of this strategy can not only help secure critical information and the sale, but also help sales professionals in maintaining relationships moving forward for more sales and cross sells. TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER$ helps the readers in learning the questions that result in meaningful dialogues with the C-suite and other influential people.

Improving presentation skills

The fate of a sales hinges on the presentation. Can the sales professional make the C-Level exec feel s/he will get what s/he wants without failure and with the greatest chance of success? Can the sales professional differentiate among competitors even though the products/services seem similar? Can the sales professional match his or her chemistry to the personal chemistry of the executive? TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER$ by Sam Manfer discusses these major elements related to presentation skills that help sales professionals nail their presentations.

Overcoming objections

There are several clients who doubt you or are afraid to spend, or feel another vendor is better, etc. and present objections or are reluctant to buy. Here is where the sales professional must be smooth as silk to embrace the objection and help the executive to feel that his or her concerns will be handled just the way she would want them handled to her satisfaction. Again, TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER$ shows how to maneuver through objections and reluctance to secure the sale and establish ongoing relationships.

Maintaining relationship with influential people

Meeting the C-suite for closing the deal is not a one-time process. Sales professionals need to stay in contact with the C-Levels by maintaining high level professional relations to achieve maximum success. TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER$, by offering strategies to accomplish this, makes sure that effective relationships result in not only the successful closing of the deal but ongoing sales and cross-sells.

All these reasons show how sales professionals can increase their closing rates by reading TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER$. Different features of this C-level sales book have already made it popular in Chicago. Chicago-based engineers have also used this book as a part of business development and Doer-Seller training. Several professionals from Atlanta have also used this guide to improve the skills related to relationship selling.

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