Why B2b salespersons fail?

In 2011, Harvard Business Review released a report as per which only 37 percent of B2B salespersons are effective consistently. Another report by Kurlan & Associates, in 2014, stated that three out of four B2B sales professionals are failing. Well, apart from these reports, the frustration reflected by various B2B professionals clearly show the difficulties faced by them.

Through this article, we discuss the primary reasons behind the failure of B2B salespersons.

Improper timing

A lot of professionals remain confused on what is the right time to engage with prospects. If you are engaging with them too early, chances of success minimize. If you engage too late, chances are that either the prospect will lose interest in your product or will select another company as a vendor. Therefore, there should be a proper time difference between lead generation and engaging with the prospect.

Lack of formal training

One may debate that experience is a great teacher when it comes to B2B selling. But, if you give a closer look at the concepts and strategies taught during training seminars, you will realize their importance. In training seminars, the individuals not only learn some useful concepts from the trainer but gain a lot from fellow trainees. There are some specialized training programs focused on C-Suite level selling.

Poor lead generation

The sales teams are usually so focused on improving their selling skills that they fail to realize the importance of quality lead generation. Some major issues in this regard include lack of enough leads and misalignment of lead generation to the value proposition. A lot of new sales teams are asked to create their own leads.

Lack of proper management

In a lot of cases, it is the managers that fail to extract the maximum from their teams. Very first tip for managers would be to keep the department transparent. And by transparent, we mean everyone in the team should know about the performance of every member. It is also necessary to celebrate small successes. One thing to avoid is over pressuring the team, as it may demotivate some members. A lot of teams also fail because their managers don’t track the performance actively using right set of metrics.

Conclusion: All these factors show that there is a lot of scope of success if proper training is received by the B2B sales executives. You can take the support of Sam Manfer who offers sales training courses in Atlanta. A lot of sales reps and managers from Atlanta have already enjoyed the benefits of sales management training offered by him.

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