Two weeks, two weeks!

I bet y’all thought that with yesterday’s post I forgot all about my weekly countdown post. Nu-huh. I would never allow you to miss out on that sort of excitement.

With two weeks until real departure, and one week until Des Moines departure I somehow found out how to get all my ducks in a row. I’ve slowly begun organizing and packing the things I need for my various trips (I threw in a spontaneous getaway this week as well). I’ve laid them all out nicely on a hanging rack in my room so that I can see what I’m working with. If it doesn’t fit on the rack, it doesn’t go. I’m hanging everything for now- t-shirts, pj pants, yoga pants, even bathing suits. This way I can actually visualize what outfits I will have and what I’ll be able to live without. I even narrowed down my shoes to a whopping 6 pairs.

6 pairs sounds ridiculous, but when you take into account that two of them are Toms, which virtually weigh nothing, and one is a pair of Keds, I’m doing pretty well. I’m only brining one pair of sandals and one pair of heels, because I’ve finally rationalized that Italy is not conducive to my favorite pairs of nude heels- I’ve settled for my favorite gold booties instead.

I actually think that this process that I’ve created for myself is a lot easier on my nerves than writing a list of things. Now I can just look at my rack and realize “well shit, I don’t have a black cardigan, what do I do?” and execute a rescue mission.

I’ve also been reading countless blogs about what to bring and what to expect, and I’m actually starting to feel prepared for this adventure. I’m still nervous, but I’m starting to feel okay with leaving all three pairs of nude heels behind.

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