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He’s not going to deal him for anything less than a king’s ransom. KP is already disgruntled, partly because he’s a total diva (anyone who posts workout hype videos of themselves where they are struggling to complete a squat with no bar and acting like they’re Lebron has less self-awareness than even Phil), so the public nature of this situation cannot make his attitude worse. If Phil creates a bidding war to get the best possible deal, and it’s still not good enough, he won’t do it. If Phil gets Booker and the #4, then he won. It’s a tough situation, the battles with KAT alone warrant all the KP hype out there (Knicks 4–0, KP draining threes and averaging 3 bpg in those contests), but at the same time his attitude has been terrible and he’s not acting right for a 21 year old who’s never really put together a complete season of playing well. I don’t know what to think but I know I shouldn’t get depressed before a deal is actually made, that’s just peak Knicks misery and we don’t need to do that to ourselves.

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