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In defense of Phil (who I think is generally indefensible but in this case I see his point): Booker and #4 is a reasonable return for KP, who others have reported is acting out in order to make the Knicks appear even more dysfunctional than they actually are, to pressure changes at the top. In the opinion of this Knicks fan, that’s unacceptable behavior for a 21 year old who broke down mid season in each of his first two years. Now, when other teams heard about the Booker offer that Phil lobbed in, they started calling and leaked it, to put more pressure on Phil. Phil’s greatest challenge right now is adjusting to new media and understanding how the NBA works in the public domain, but from a basketball perspective, in the context of KP going rogue, it’s not wrong to explore getting a great young player and a top 5 pick. I’ll even defend the Triangle: The Warriors run some Triangle! Imagine how frustrating it is to have everyone attack you for advocating something that the best team in basketball does, but people make fun of it just because you say it.

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