I certainly agree that he’s exploited the media’s obsession with the loudmouth villain to the point…
Jovan Robinson

It’s the single greatest issue in this country that you have to experience those things, obviously the latent racism that underpins those experiences has seeped into our leadership and is dangerously close to being institutionalized again. But, I urge you to go back to what I wrote and you’ll see that I never said he needs to manage his behavior because of race perception. Just because I didn’t say it doesn’t mean that’s not what’s being implied by a lot of other arguments, but it’s not what I think. I think he invited Hot Take City into his house by saying outlandish and even offensive things, and so he needs to keep his cool when it comes around.

And, as far as the physical stature thing, we’ll just have to agree to disagree about the nature of what he said. It doesn’t matter if it’s Troy Aikman or Curt Schilling saying the same thing, I’d still react that way because it’s just not right for him to go there, in my opinion.

Thanks for the dialogue.

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