IF there was a snowball’s chance in Phoenix that the Suns would trade Booker and the #4 pick for KP…
Horace Green

Look, Porzingis is still on the team, so there’s no point acting like Phil gave him away for pennies on the dollar. Phil wants a lot, because KP is worth a lot. The risk in calling the Suns and making that offer was 1) pissing KP off, which has already happened so who cares, and 2) having it leak to the media, which also has limited consequences, because everyone clamoring that it’s dumb to trade Porzingis in a bad deal IS IN AGREEMENT WITH PHIL, who has not done that. And the dumb part about his triangle preaching is that the team’s defense is actually a bigger problem, but other than that I think it’s been blown out of proportion. Is Phil a good team president? No, because he is too old and has no ability to instill confidence in the fan base. But people are acting like he already traded KP, which strikes me as masochistic.

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