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Oliver to me is one of the key examples of how this draft is one of the deepest in ages. A few years ago there was a player named Tony Mitchell from a small school who flashed the kind of perimeter skills/athletic ability combo that Oliver has, except Mitchell was just not good at basketball and it was reflected in his stats — I think he shot like 28% from 3 and fouled out of a ton of games and his team didn’t come close to the tournament. But he was drafted where Oliver is probably going to go, like mid-second round. You have to do way less projecting/wishful thinking on Oliver than on Mitchell, but he costs the same. I think that’s crazy. This draft I think is a little softer at the top than what people are saying but much much deeper Han anything we’ve seen in a while. This is also the problem with Bradley, because there are 5 or 6 other big men that are very similar. What is the case for Bradley over, say, Thomas Bryant if they’re both there?

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