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The passion! There’s just no way to prove empirically that Tatum won’t develop into a Paul Pierce-level scorer (worth noting at the height of his powers Pierce was on some teams that lost a lot of games), and there’s also no way to disprove the conclusions from Tjarks’s McD All-America eye test experience. This one is going to have to be settled down the road. The stats don’t help either — Jackson had a higher 3pt%, EFG%, and scoring rate per 40 than Tatum, and Tatum wasn’t materially far behind Jackson in rebounds per 40, blocks per 40, and steals per 40, so that tells you nothing as well. The free throw rates are a factor, but IT3 shot <70% from the stripe his freshman year, so I don’t know if that’s set in stone either. Gun to my head, I’d take Jackson because of the anecdote that all the other kids in the class are afraid of him, and Tatum’s pizza opinions.

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