Randle and Nance?! — -that’s part of the new GSW “machine”!?
Russ Nelly

Well there will also be Lebron and Paul George so there’s two 6'9" guys I forgot about.

And, look into the performance of those guys you deride and you’ll see stuff that is promising. Randle is among the league leaders in defensive rebound percentage, Nance is an elite athlete glue guy who can defend multiple positions and has a floor game, Ingram was much better in the second half of the year, and Kuzma was burying NBA threes all summer league and significantly outplayed Jayson Tatum head to head. And Ingram and Randle were one and done guys while Kuzma and Nance aren’t much older. Where were the GSW core in their rookie and second years? Draymond almost didn’t beat out David Lee in his third year pre-season before becoming an all-NBA player out of the blue. Curry couldn’t play a full season till year 4, and Klay had a sub-13 PER in year 2. Watch this Lakers core, they’re better than you think.

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