5 Reasons Why Flexible Dieting Could Be The Solution

Tired of eating clean, repetitive and boring food? Or sick of constantly falling off the rails with your diet? Lets see how Flexible Dieting can change the way you eat, forever.

Flexible Dieting has really taken off over the last few years, and is fast becoming one of the biggest crazes in the fitness industry. For those who keep up to date with the industry, and If you havent heard of Flexible Dieting or ‘IIFYM’, chances are you A) haven’t got an Instagram account, or B) you’ve been hiding under a rock.

To put it very shortly, Flexible Dieting is adhering to the simple concept of hitting your ‘macros’ in any way possible. This means, achieving certain targets for calories, Protein, Carbs and Fats, every single day. There are no restrictions on what you eat, no good or bad food, no meal timings or avoiding carbs after 6pm. This means you dont have to eat chicken and brocolli 6 times a day out of tuppaware. As long as you meet your targets for each macronutrient, which will have been calculated depending on your goals, then happy days.

For those who are experienced dieters, who may have hit a plateau, who feel they have a poor relationship with food, or even perhaps for those who have suffered from falling off the diet too often and has impacted your goals as a result, lets see how Flexible Dieting can help YOU get back on track.

#1 — You Will Learn About Basic Nutrition

In order to be able to eat basically what ever food you want, first you must understand what is inside of the food. Im not talking ingredients, I’m talking Protein, Carbs and Fats (your macronutrients as they are known). Once you learn about each macronutrient, what their role in nutrition is and how the body utilises it, you learn something amazing:


Suddenly you realise every single food on the planet is made up of the same nutrients, but just in different ratios. Of course, Brocolli has many health advantages to oreos, including vital vitamins and minerals, but at least now you understand neither is good or bad food, rather is just the same nutrients in a different ratio.

Instead of looking at foods as good or bad, now you can only see Protein, Carbs and Fats, and how these nutrients will react in the body. This will allow you to shake the fear of eating anything other than the mainstream idea of chicken, brocolli, brown rice, sweet potato etc.

#2 — No Foods Are Off Limits

Following on from #1, Flexible Dieting allows you to see foods for what they actually are, instead of what they are PERCEIVED as.

With this in mind, and flexibility being a major key to this form of dieting, you can now start to experiment and include some of your favourite treats once again. If you have a particular liking to Reeses Peanut Butter Cups (like me) for example, you will able to include them providing they stay within your overall calorie and macronutrient targets for the day.

If you were to go about your normal diet plan, and then over indulge on Reeses Peanut Butter Cups because you crave them, you would potentially damage your weight loss efforts right?

But if you decided to add in one or two Reeses Peanut Butter Cups into your daily macro targets, you wouldnt be damaging your weight loss goal and it would settle your cravings, leaving you less likely to binge eat.

#3 — No Meal Timing Restrictions

How many times have you read on the internet no carbs after 6pm? I reckon by now, I’ve read it around 1328365895903 times. With Flexible Dieting, you are encouraged to make up your daily intake at whatever time of day suits you. If you work long nights and cant sink your last meal until 11pm, thats fine. If you dont like going to bed on a full stomach but still need to a fairly big meal around 7pm, again thats completely fine.

The reason people say you will gain weight if you eat after 6pm, is because if you eat a high amount of carbohydrates shortly before bed, you will draw more water into your cells compared to normal. This will add on an extra couple of pounds in ‘water weight’ on the scales in the morning, and often make you look less defined. However, a few hours of activity in the gym or general movement the next day and the water will shift from your cells, and thats the end of it. Providing you stay within your calorie and macro targets, there will be no permanent weight gain, no damage. Anyway I’ve gone off on a tangent there, lets get back to the point of this article.

#4 — It Allows You To Be Flexible, Yet Stay Controlled

The freedom of eating what you want is a wonderful thing, because in order to meet your macornutrient targets you can choose whatever foods, drinks or supplements you like to get you there. While you have no restricition at all, you still have a degree of accountability. You are responsible for consistently hitting your macronutrient targets, and making sure you dont go over or under target, making sure you still get good levels of vitamins and minerals (which you can only get through organic foods or supplements), taking in a required amount of protein to maintain or build muscle, keeping sugar intake a consistent level, keeping sodium levels at a consistent rate, and so on.

#5 — You’ll Never Have To Reject A Chance To Go Out For Food

How many of you guys have skipped out on meals because you have feared it will ruin your goals? That was me a few years ago, but things have changed since then. When you learn the basics of Nutrition because of Flexible Dieting, once again you just understand that even restaurant food is still made up of the same nutrients. In a world where MyFitnessPal knows whats inside your food before you do, and and internet full of chained restuarants offering their menus and calorie information online, fitting restaurant meals into your macros has never been easier. Now you can diet while still enjoying your best friends birthday dinner.


Flexible Dieting is something I’ve preached for a very long time, and has become the core value behind a lot of my coaching methods, and fits perfectly alongside my philosophy of Fitness / Life balance. The reason I’m so passionate about Flexible Dieting is because I once was that person who struggled to adhere to a strict clean eating diet, who was scared to eat out at restaurants, and who never ate his favourite foods. Flexible Dieting was my solution to my problems, and it could well be for you too.

That’s all from me!

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