Complacency is [self] Murder
Christian Roston

I’ve got to take some time to reread this to fully give you a thoughtful response, but a couple of things jump out to me . A distraction isn’t necessarily something you don’t like.For instance, I can be in the middle of talking to you about something I am very passionate about and a Marley song comes on I haven’t heard in a while or my kid interrupts us to ask me an important ?.I bet if we would look at some of the most amazing inventions or discoveries in history,we would find that some were due to the fact that the tiniest of distractions made them possible….I know you know this. Likewise, passion is certainly not always a positive.It also can be a distraction.It can very well lead to a disastrous conclusion.

C,I can plainly see what you are saying because I have the privilege of knowing you and I agree.Too many of your generation lack passion to “be more” and get too easily distracted by things that really don’t matter and that will ,or could, kill their passion.Defining your words in the context you are using them would go a long way to those who are reading your work and don’t know you.

I wish all the young guns I know had your passion for writing and thinking things out like you have . Unfortunately, too many are letting their passions lead them to different avenues that don’t require them to think all that much.. ..or work.

Complacency is another word that needs a more clear definition.To some it means comfort, others disgust and still others an excuse to be lazy.I know a lot of super smart,hardworking folks who are complacent w/ where they are at,even though they live check to check.I also know “rich” people who are just as çomplacent to live their luxurious lives in ignorance of the world around them.

Well,I hope I haven’t rambled on too long and that I’ve made some sense,though I doubt it….I’m sure you’ll let me know ….later,C.

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