I’ll Miss You, 2k15

waking up on Mt. Evans — 14,271 ft

I know I joke around and play a lot, but there’s just something about NYE that really strikes me…

To some, it’s an excuse to wear something sparkly, drink your brains out and celebrate (what exactly?) with your friends on a weeknight and then joke about it while you’re hungover at brunch the next morning. “Dude… that party was legit. How’d we get home again?”

FB official soulmates: 4/15

To me, NYE is a time of reflection and a time of great awareness. I am so utterly grateful for being lucky enough to be on this planet for another day, another step, another breath. I am so grateful for my legs that get me to where I want to go, my heart for pumping all that blood around and especially grateful for the mastication process in which helps me enjoy all that delicious food. Science FTW.

I’ve spent this past year exactly where I want to be. Everywhere. I spent time with family near and far, I spent time with friends, new and old. I spent time with my dog, dog friends, and dog strangers. I spent a lot of time alone. Alone at home, alone on the road, alone on the trail, alone in a tent, alone with my thoughts.

camping in the Tetons: 10/15

2015 proved to have it’s ups and it’s downs, as most years do, and should. That’s ultimately how we grow to be so grateful in the end, right?

SUP with Brutus — Mt Hood, OR

I explored more, saw more, traveled more. I woke up early and I stayed up late. I fell in and out of love, and in again. I fell trail running. A lot. I drove across the country twice and charted my course according to sunrises and sunsets and the chance of seeing as many wild animals (other than Brutus) and roadside attractions as possible.

first run in 7 months!

I fractured my hip in June and was pretty stagnant for nearly 7 months. That was a challenge. Shifting careers in February was a challenge. Hanging up the phone with my mom who’s 1,500 miles away is a challenge. Every time.

I reflect on how I’m pretty damn lucky. Not only to be alive, have a kick-ass career, have an adorable 105-year-old roof over my head, have food on my plate, but that this year has been full of change, exploration and acceptance, (and that I wore that brown hat a lot…) I have found a group of people who are the most supportive, encouraging, funny and inspirational beings. I am grateful for and oh-so proud of them, my ‘family’.

I say this each and every New Year’s Eve, but this past year was one hell of a ride. What’s in store for next year? Only time will tell. I leave you with this prompt from my very dear friend Michele:

  • What was your best part of 2015?
  • What was your most challenging part of 2015?

Cheers and happy adventuring in the year ahead!

earning our turns before work — Loveland Pass