Digital Product & Design Highlights from Salt Lake City

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During two gorgeous days in May, the 2017 Front Case Study Conference was held in Salt Lake City. I was lucky enough to attend on behalf of Cantina along with roughly 600 other professionals focused on digital design, user experience, and product management. The event featured 14 presentations from a stellar group of speakers who work at companies including Slack, Ancestry.com, Lucid Software, Adobe, and The New York Times.

A major theme was the idea that the best digital products aren’t built on talent alone. Effective team communication and a culture of continuous learning are often the catalyst that takes a product and a business from good to great. Many presentations emphasized that alignment between disciplines (product, UX, engineering, etc.) …

A Simple Framework For Matching Project Needs With the Right Designer

For the last two years I’ve worked for a digital design and development agency on teams that have created websites, web apps, and all kinds of digital experiences. …

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Yesterday, Adobe released a public preview of their new digital design tool Adobe Experience Design (or Adobe XD). The design community has been abuzz about the tool’s private beta (Called “Project Comet”) since last year, and now an early look at the tool is open to anyone on a Mac. After a quick install and a brief look at the three primary demo videos I was ready to give the app a test drive. In a brief 30 minutes of kicking the tires and building a bare-bones prototype, these are my takeaways:

A Sharp, Minimalist Interface

At first glance, the UI is sparse and features very little clutter or labeling of tools. While pleasing to the eye, I suspected functionality might be limited by the UI. Diving in and creating a very basic set of screens proved that while still limited in some capacities, the app does offer most basic design tools with a minimalist, no-nonsense look and feel. The simple tool panels, restrained typography, and pleasantly geometric object handles combine to feel polished and professional while letting your design work be the hero. …


Sam Moore

Principal Design Consultant at Cantina. Designer, writer, and systems thinker passionate about smart technology solutions.

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