Do You Believe in Ghosts?

I don’t really believe in ghosts, but I kind of want to believe in them. I think it might make life a little more interesting if they were really real. Imagine just sitting on the couch in your apartment alone, watching some shitty reality TV show when suddenly the lightbulb in your lamp starts to flicker. You look at it quizzically, wondering what on earth could be happening. Soon it stops and you warily look away from the lamp and back to your television.

Suddenly a glass falls from the counter and shatters on the floor. You scream, taken aback. There isn’t anyone else around. You don’t even have a cat. Could it have been the breeze coming from your window? You pull the blankets closer to yourself.

Eventually, you get up to take care of the broken glass and on your way to the trashcan you pass by a mirror on the wall. Something unusual catches your eye. Was that a person?? You stand frozen a few feet away from the mirror, terrified to look again, terrified not to.

And then you hear a faint tapping at your front door. Your heart is pounding in your chest as you try to stay still as a statue. The tapping becomes a deliberate fiddling with the doorknob. Now you break your stance and begin to scramble for a weapon of some kind, anything! You gasp for breath as you rifle through your kitchen drawers. The fiddling noises intensify. You lunge desperately for your most dangerous looking knife, a rusty, dull, old bread knife you’ve had forever.

You hear the lock click. Your heart is in your throat pounding in your eardrums. You’re drenched in a cold pungent sweat.

The doorknob slowly twists…

Anyway, you get it. That was certainly more exciting than just watching tv, wasn’t it? So that’s all I’m saying, really. Ghosts can be a pretty compelling facet of life, so long as they aren’t hell bent on possessing you or killing your cat.