Why Erykah Badu’s Opinion Is Dangerous
Dominique Matti

We had the kneeling test when I grew up to see if your skirt touched the ground whilst kneeling. If not, you were sent home for dressing inappropriately. A fancy word for provocatively. A woman’s right to education was deemed less important than a man’s need to avoid potential sexual distraction. God forbid we asked the men to be responsible for their own feelings and simply learn to focus on their education.

Resisting sexual temptation and controlling one’s impulses is an invaluable life-skill men need to master. Otherwise we create a society where it’s acceptable to catcall a 12 year old girl, which has happened to all of us. Where does it stop? At what age does it become disgusting?

Making young girls feel uncomfortable in their own bodies is robbing them of their childhood. It teaches them about a predatory dynamic where young girls learn to fear males. Why anyone thinks efforts are better spent teaching women how to adjust themselves to deter men is pathetic, not to mention futile.

Great articulation of teaching sexual discrimination culture to children. Loved this read.

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