Food Grows Where Water Flows

Agriculture requires water, without water there is no agriculture. Welcome to California, the sunshine state that has been left in devastation for the past four years creating a new image for themselves as the water crisis has hit. The Central Valley, which has earned its title as ‘the bread basket of the United States’ is moments away from losing that title due to the lack of water. The Central Valley alone produces 40–50% of the nations fruits, vegetables, and nuts. California as a whole distributes 90% of fruits, vegetables, and nuts nationally. California’s drought could upend America’s entire food system.

Three years ago in the Central Valley to present day, exact location, no water. 412,f/2.4,50,AWB, HH
Now in the 4th year of drought, farmers are losing their jobs due to this crisis. 415, f/2.2, 32, AWB, HH
San Joaquin river dried up paired with the sign “no swimming”. 412, f/2.2, 32, AWB, HH
Since the Central Valley is responsible for 50% of the nations fruits, vegetables, and nuts there is a panic across not only California but across the nation. 415, f/2.2, 32, AWB, HH
Once alive and now dead orchard field, home of the orange trees. 412, f/2.4, 50, AWB, HH
Open land where once was the home to an organic strawberry field, next to a now empty and dried up canals. 415, f/2.2, 32, AWB, HH
Water reservoir next to which was once home to a large cattle ranch. Now the county of Fresno has made it into a natural preserve piece of land protecting what is left. 157, f/2.2,32,AWB,HH

The drought has taken California by storm. For farmers in the Central Valley, they are surviving but how long are they able to feed America with no water?

Kenny, farmer in the Central Valley. 412,f/2.4, AWB, HH
I work at Regier Family Farms, we’ve been growing fruits since 1983. Being a farmer in the Central Valley comes with a sense of responsibility to provide healthy foods to the Nation’s kitchen tables. Since the drought we have had a huge decline in production. We aren’t able to use as much land like we use to anymore because we don’t have enough water. We now focus on crops that use less water. Since we don’t have enough water for such a high demand we have had to shut down distribution nationally.We use to hit 2 farmers markets in San Luis Obispo, 2 in Santa Barbara, and 2 in Santa Monica a week along with our local markets in Fresno. Now we only hit 1 in Santa Barbara and 1 in Santa Monica. Santa Barbara is a hot spot for us to go to because they have seen and are experiencing a large decline in their own water supply. Eventually we don’t know what we are going to do.
Fruits and Vegetables being sold at Kenny’s table at farmers markets. 415, f/2.2, 32, AWB, HH

A look into our own backyard, Santa Barbara County…

Once was apart of the Mission Waterworks System, not completely dried up. 628,f/2.2,32,AWB,HH
Once was a flowing stream in Mission Canyon. 608,f/2.2,32,AWB,HH

New ways to conserve water…

Full vegetation in pod. 412, f/2.4, 32, AWB, HH
Gardening pods are the new effective way of gardening. These pods can hold up to 25 different plants, mainly used for lettuce production. Every plant is getting watered at the same time with the exact same amount. It is ran off of solar power and has a water system that reduces waste by recycling the water being used. This invention is a step towards the future with no water.



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