Three interesting colleagues I have met this Bootcamp

Chuks helping out a bootcamper

Before the Bootcamp, I had already started to meet some Interesting at the interview and even before the day of the interview. This is my first time coming to Lagos and that being the case, I had to come to find out where my interview would take place. This is the point where I met Chukwukadibia Durugo. He also came to find out where the place was too. We had a little conversation and we exchanged numbers.

“Chuks” or so I call him, is cool guy with a brilliant mind. He is someone that I enjoy brainstorming with for he almost always tends to give me a new perspective to things. He has a funny way of asking questions often like someone who has no codding background. I met Chuks in my first boot camp the 25 cycle and there he helped me realize that the boot camp was not a competition. Initially I did see everyone as a threat! We often meet up to code and review our work and I think I have made a friend one that exceeds the boundaries of Andela Bootcamp and the confines of Codes!

Further more, I met another person with the name Chimereucheya Okereke, but she goes by “Ucheya”. Ucheya is quite the eccentric girl! She is basically fun to hang with, Sharp and absorbs rather quickly what you teach her. She also asks a lot of questions and some times leave you wondering if you ever did know it well at all. She a slight but not obvious issue with pronouncing words with the letter “r”, which is kinda cute.

Ucheya keeping it cool

I sometimes call her four eyes, and yes you guessed right she wear’s glasses the cool type and if not told you never could have guessed so. She’s cool and she’s someone I would like to keep in touch with or without Andela.

And there was Hamdalah Adetunji, hmm, difficult to pronounce? Yeah I know right? I met Hamdalahh at this current interview, we sort of just started talking but to enough. I was called for my code review and she was called for hers as soon as I returned from mine. I was really glad to see she made it to the bootcamp.

Hamdalah! With the cool smile

From when we first met, I had a feeling she writes good code and I was right!

Finally, I know I was to write about three but I just couldn’t pass up on writing about Sophia Ebokam.

Sophie with the cute chicks!

She has a very calm personality. Easy going and oddly has a calming effect on me. She is not shy to ask or seek for help when she has no understanding or is confused about something. She is someone I enjoy teaching. Over the past few days, I have interacted with a lot of guys but these are the one’s I have interacted with the most!