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She is stealthy, a small shadow slinking unnoticed, a noise unheard by those around, a forgotten movement out of the corner of one’s eye. Her aura emanates mystery while her face suggests an understanding of her world in which no one can comprehend. The way she moves, with secretive intent, is a song with an enchantment to it; there are no drums, only the sweet accents of foreign tongues. Her eyes, wide with knowledge, contain a galaxy. Each socket holds a planet with singular diamond-shaped black holes. They consider every interaction around them so that no movement is overlooked by her intent stares. Every blink is slow while she evaluates and contemplates the life around her. She breathes steadily so that she may remain alert, her chest protruding in a way that only royalty understand. Her skin is pale and textured which matches the rolling waves of the ocean at night. It is constantly mobile while remaining where she chooses. It covers the mechanical parts; it is an ornate sheet used to provide her with both esoteric knowledge as well as aesthetic beauty. This sheet lays loosely, covering her mind with an equally elegant outer mask. Her tail is long and curved, an arc that winds aimlessly and ends as it began. No one may touch this tail without a reciprocated action. Sharp and pearly white teeth reveal themselves from behind the curtain of her lips.Tense, her body arches and her tail stands rooted while she enlarges herself with angry grace. One cannot escape her vexation and her snarls release the angry spirits inside her. She conjures every inch of godly wrath and the black holes in her eyes syncopate until the galactic planets stare, unblinking and unmoved, into the soul of the one who disturbed her.

She is a goddess, and many worship her. Many have worshiped her. She is unique and statuesque, despised by those who misunderstand her. She carries the world in her face, the ocean on her skin, and godly wrath in her mouth. To say that the creature is unsightly is to say that all that compiles the world is also detestable.

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