The Boy Who Thought Like Me

The warmer days, the sunshine

I found a boy who thought like me,

my kind-

My kind of thinker, or better yet dreamer


A person who is idealistic

Wanted out of the town

That is so small minded

The city is calling our name’s

But the summertime blinded

The warmer days, the laughter

Rolling through the hills here in

Our vernacular

We stormed it like we owned it

Running ninety miles an hour

Down our old back roads

We sang so loudly

Our vocal cords would explode


Too powerful to be defeated or overcome

A definition never meant more.


Skills acquired by a person through experience

Learning was an escape for the boy like me

His future so bright, he was always my light

A thinker like me was interesting to see

He pushed my dreams to take flight

I miss the boy who thought like me

But with the leaves changing colors

All colors shown through

The boy who thought like me

Is now gone from me too

He left me, or I left him

Not that the title matters

I just miss my friend


a condition or quality of being sad

Emptiness reaches inside now

The songs we sang once upon a time

Is now not fulfilled without my go to guy

I miss my friend

On some days I hope he misses me too

The boy who thought like me

Is gone with the winter blues.

-Sammantha Thorpe (1.9.16)

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