Boarding a plane with Apple Watch is not as slick as it should be

Day 1 with Apple Watch

So, the 24th April was quite a busy day for me; I’d ordered an Apple Watch a fortnight before and was hoping UPS would get it to me before I had to rush out, to the airport.

I was traveling to Naples for the weekend and was terribly worried about the watch I’d been waiting so patiently for since September last year, wouldn’t arrive in time. Luckily it did and I had a few hours to play before making the dash to Gatwick.

I won’t go too much into the newness of using the Watch but it’s very different from anything Apple have done before. You’ll remind yourself to use the watch as oppose to your phone for the first day, but after that you’ll ease into using it for what its best at; stopping you being glued to your iPhone. Well, that’s what I’ve deduced so far.

Now, back to my first day with it, I thought I’d have the perfect opportunity to try out a few different things on the watch. Stuff I’d normally do on my phone on a journey to the airport I could do on the watch. Starting with requesting an Uber, the app seems great and I can only assume it’s effective but after checking traffic I decided to travel to Gatwick on the train. Another opportuntiy to use the Watch, I loaded up Citymapper (My favourite maps app of all time). I was able to check when my trains were leaving and make sure I didn’t have to sprint through Clapham Junction with my suitcase.

This all worked fine, during the journey I even checked the weather in Naples for when I arrived — I was right to not pack a jacket.

When arriving at Gatwick I got up the Easyjet app and headed for security.

It was at this point, the problems occured.

I had my phone out anyway, quickly replying to an email, but asked whether I could use the watch to scan my boarding pass. It was at this point I realised I’d have to take the watch off for the guy on the desk to scan it. To my annoyance, I gave him my phone with the boarding pass and was good to go through.

I can’t help but think, this will be changed the next time I visit Gatwick during the summer but still, very annoying. The same thing happened when boarding the plane, so I caved in again and kindly provided my phone to be scanned and boarded the plane.

Having now used the Apple Watch for nearly six days, I can say its a great product and I’m really happy with it. I haven’t been able to use everything in real life just yet but I’m sure I’ll grow to love even Evernote on the Watch, which after a few attempts, I still don’t understand in the slightest.