How to Avoid Anger When You Least Expect It

When life gets tough, how do you deal with it?

I recently discovered a really useful life-hack from Tony Robbins that works really well when you’re dealing with anger…

start being grateful.

“Fear is why we don’t take action and anger is why we get stuck.”

You can’t be grateful and angry simultaneously.

So it’s really the reset button.

Counting the little things as blessings makes your life more abundant, whether that means focusing on any time you get out of bed or even take a breath.

Gratitude is the ultimate solution to help you get over anger to live a more peaceful life.

So next time something doesn’t go your way, start listing 3 things you are thankful of right at that moment.

It works like a charm. Trust me.

And what am I thankful of?

I’m thankful of you… for allowing me to share my little nuggets of positivity with you.

“Earn with your mind, not your time.”

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