Model scale A floating object (TOYO ITO)

toyo ito seprintine gallery london uk
Sydney central park
model 1 cubes
model 2 floating foam
model 3 ito model
Ito model
Model 4 iteration with spikes
Model 5 itteration

To successfully replicate a model of building around UTS in the style of the ‘floating object’ by Toyo Ito many iterations of the same building had to be made. The building I have chosen for this work is The central park tower (2003) as its many glass window broken up by endless shaping plants almost replicates the dynamic haphazardness of Toyo Ito’s floating design in such buildings as the Serpentine gallery, London UK (2002) and the Mikimoto Ginza 2, Tokyo Japan (2005). These differently proportioned windows in Ito’s buildings broken up by large white geometric shapes can be linked to Central parks tower as the windows take different shape and form as the plants grow and structure themselves around them in their own way. To first understand the shape and composure of the model three cubes were created, leaving empty space to give the image of floatation and representational space of segregational parts of the towers (model -1). To further understand this a foam structure was made with better segregation of different parts of the tower (model -2). To replicate Ito’s design in — model a clear plastic iteration of central tower was formed, with space and layers representing floors of the building held up by clear plastic representing the lift shafts and movement (model -3). An adaptation of this design was made (model- 4) to mirror the representation of space but also to show the outcropping plants surrounding the building and windows represented by gaps. Thus drawing similarities from the triangular shape of the Serpentine gallery, London UK (2002) to the representational idea of fauna and geometrical ideals of space. The final iteration was to create floating space in the outlook of envisioning Central Park through the design of the ‘Museum of architecture, Imabari, Ehime, Japan (2011). Through carving and creating multiple versions of central park I think I have successfully created the idea of floating space following Toyo Ito’s design.

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