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As a true Simmons fan, and a veteran of grant land and the bs podcast, I must say I’m really disappointed. I get that you’re an unashamed homer, but Jesus, the lack of respect that you’re showing Washington is almost offensive.

One of the things that you claim to avoid is the hot take culture that the likes of shit Bayless indulge in. From my perspective, writing about an ECF Isiah-Lebron matchup when the celtics are still in the second round in game 6 against a debatably better team is about as hot-takey as it gets.

I’m reading your BOB right now, and my favorite thing (besides the Spencer Haywood mafia story, that was GOLD) about your writing is the objectivity with which you make your arguments.

Your podcasts and columns in the playoffs have been unbearably frustrating to consume, because you act like the wizards need a miracle to beat Boston, which is simply not true. They need to win at home, and then ONE win on bostons home court. Chicago won twice in Boston, and they are objectively bad.

I still love your writing and I’m always pulling for you. Please restrain your homer tendencies, because you’re being disrespectful and ignorant of the players who are still in these playoffs. If nothing else remember that the house bet on Washington, and the house always wins.

Sam Moschel