Fifty Things

  1. Life has no purpose; but if you feel that you need a purpose, then your purpose is life.
  2. I am the luckiest, unluckiest person in the world. That made it fucking hard. But in the end, I won life.
  3. Cognitive bias explains most things you need to know about people. Especially all the annoying things about people.
  4. A good grasp of practical psychology explains everything else you need to know about people. Any why empathy matters.
  5. There is no reality other than what is in our own brain.
  6. When we remember things from the past, we distort the memory, and that distorted version is the one we recall the next time.
  7. You forget most of the things that you have learned.
  8. If you work hard, it always pays off. Working hard means choosing the right profession in the first place. And a ton of luck that you chose something that would be beneficial for your entire lifetime. And that you would be good at it. And enjoy it. And just be lucky all around. Oh, and rich parents can help out too, especially if you aren’t as smart as other people.
  9. Young people are smarter than older people. And more fun to hang out with. But I’m older and lots of fun to hang out with. So I guess I shouldn’t generalize.
  10. Some illegal drugs are just wonderful. Some legal drugs are terrible. Some illegal drugs are terrible. Some legal drugs are just wonderful. As a species we really fucked this up.
  11. If our species was wiped out and an equivalent species evolved, science would be rediscovered with exactly the same facts as we know now. But religion, if it existed at all, would be completely different.
  12. Astrology is a crock of shit. And so are a whole lot of other things, which I won’t list, so as not to offend most of the people I’ve ever met.
  13. All people are easily fooled, but religious people are the easiest of all.
  14. I feel so sorry for people who are obsessively religious. What a waste of some of their neuron's interconnectivity.
  15. There are so many universes, galaxies, stars and planets, that it is inconceivable that there aren’t intelligent lifeforms in endless places other than earth. But given time and distance and other dimensions that I can’t even to begin to understand, contact will never be made by humans. Ever. I wish I could be proved wrong in my lifetime.
  16. Humans are the gods of silicon intelligence, and they will argue and fight and ridicule and laugh over what form we had, and if we even existed at all. Given our fragile organic form, it should be humanities’ single goal, to ensure our immorality, in the form of silicon.
  17. Anxiety is best dealt with by standing back and laughing at yourself. That won’t cure it, but may make it bearable.
  18. Depression is fucked. Its the hardest thing I beat. Cognitive behaviour therapy helps, a lot. But once you learn everything your shrinks teach you, they can’t help you any longer. In the end, you either figure out how your specific brain works best, or you don’t.
  19. Being born with a functional brain was the best luck I ever had. Even with all my countless flaws. Yours too.
  20. Life’s just easier when you treat every person you meet nicely in the first instance.
  21. Haters are going to hell. I don’t believe in hell, but haters do.
  22. Lovers live lovely lives. But you don’t need a lover to be a lover.
  23. Rewarding is greeting everyone with a smile, and getting a smile back.
  24. When someone is mean to you, doesn’t accept you or treats you badly; smile, treat them nicely, with respect, and you win.
  25. When you have gained, then lost, you will gain again. And appreciate the things that you still have.
  26. It really used to annoy me when people would tell me not to worry, it will get better over time, you just need to be patient. I wanted it fixed right there and then. In the end, it did take time, a lot of things changed, and it got better. Sometimes patience is a virtue.
  27. As I learn more and more things, I am constantly reminded of how much less I know than I thought I did.
  28. I think happiness might just be a relative concept; the unhappier you have been, the happier you can be.
  29. I defend Creationism in the sense that “Man created God”.
  30. The more homophobic you are, the greater the odds that you are secretly gay.
  31. Never complain, ever. Use different language to make observations and effect change. Try it. Its effects on you and the people around you is nothing less than profound.
  32. We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.
  33. Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not expect. Just breathe. And know that things will just work out how they will.
  34. Like Alice in Wonderland, on some journeys there is no coming out until it has finished.
  35. Nothing beats the simplicity of simply being alive. Use it wisely whenever you can. Never stop learning. Never stop trying to do better. Never stop being grateful.
  36. I will never take for granted that there are many more good people in this world than there are evil. Except for the dude-bros; run away as fast as you can, or prepare to fight.
  37. Any sufficiently advanced troll is indistinguishable from a genuine kook.
  38. Inhabiting life with presence is the only real way to master time.
  39. Society does marginalise non-masculinity, and accord it different value based on intersectional oppression.
  40. Indispensable…to the lover is their unrequited love, which they would at no price relinquish for a state of indifference.
  41. When it’s all said and done, the only person whose love really matters, is your own. If someone else chooses to love you, well that’s just a bonus, but that can be easily lost. Read 41 again.
  42. Projection: if you are disappointed with me, that’s an issue for you to resolve. If I’m disappointed with you, that’s an issue for me to resolve.
  43. Your perception is not my reality; and my perception is not your reality. So what we project onto others is not reality.
  44. When I learned to enjoy my own company better than anyone else’s company, the changes in me were profound.
  45. I had a bit of a heteronormative conditioning issue. I fixed it. The hardest, most challenging, bold, heartbreaking, but successful project I’ve ever untaken. A ton of genetic luck meant I got to pull it off successfully. Or maybe that’s just my cognitive biases at work, but isn’t that all that matters to each of our own realities anyway?
  46. Family is something that some people are lucky with. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones. I don’t dwell on it. There’s too much pain to think about it in the same terms as others do. I feel some sadness for all those that are related to me. I sacrificed them so that I could live; and I don’t need to consider their reality as to why they sacrificed me.
  47. The world is unfair. The patriarchy sucks. Violence in any form frightens me. Feminism is the right direction, but suffers from marketing issues.
  48. I have a lot of privilege. I used some of the privileges I was given, to make myself more privileged. And I gave some privilege away. And where I am aware of my privilege, I try to use it carefully, and try not to cause harm to anyone else. Please give cash to homeless people every so often. Please tip taxi drivers, wait staff, and anyone else that does you a service.
  49. We are born alone. We live alone. We die alone. The only person you can depend on unconditionally is yourself. I try never to forget this.
  50. I am stardust. My atoms and energy exist in an infinite of space time. I treasure that I have been gifted a few decades of consciousness to observe our universe in its present state. Once my consciousness has ceased, it has gone. My atoms and energy exist in an infinite of space time. It’s the same for you.
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