My full quote on what Brexit means for the music industry (excerpt was used yesterday in this billboard article ) below


“This morning in a muddy field with a very heavy heart (and a banging hangover) I was asked by a USA publication for my reaction to Brexit & the impact to the music industry, esp the digital ecosystem. Here it is in it’s entirety ….

“Much of what is to come for the UK at large and our music industry remains unknown, as we wait to see how the dice fall on the UKs gamble. But we do know it’s possible we’ll be hit with potential visa requirements, additional administration burdens (costing time and money), new trade agreements, potentially complex tax implications and levies.

It is now time for the UK government to stand up and lead, and ensure that healthy agreements and legislation are in place as soon as possible to minimise negative impact on our artists and our industry.

We will of course all be closely watching the value of the Pound and immediate market volatility we are witnessing in the wake of the decision.

As someone working predominantly in the digital landscape I have concerns over both licensing and investment implications for music tech start ups. There are also very important questions to be asked about the impact this will have on the ongoing copyright reforms for the digital ecosystem.

The EU are very close to reforming some critical copyright issues and the UK are now standing on our own in these arguments. I worry that we will either be made to fall in line with any outcome without being part of negotiations or we will have to fight it on our own. These reforms are, I believe, crucial to the future of our industry and having no voice in shaping policy – in spite of how influential the UK music industry is in Europe – could lead to disaster.

If I was looking for opportunity amongst the uncertainty, I would say this; history has shown that in times of division and unrest we can produce some of the most incredible and important artists of our time.

As an industry, we must work together to ensure that there’s a healthy, sustainable market for them to be able to be part of.”

Sammy Andrews

Music Industry Advisor & Director of Entertainment Intelligence