“Don’t give in to mediocre, but do all it takes to help bring the best out of your children.”
 So Samuel K Asare Snr., the founder and author of the book, “10 Lessons My Father Never Taught Me” advised fathers.
 Speaking at a meeting dubbed, “The Father’s Conference,” organized by his organization, in collaboration with Sunnyday Production, K Asare Snr said: “Your children are also a blessing from God. The ones living in mansions and rich homes are not better than yours. The only difference here is the system of operation,”
 “Work as hard as you can to offer the necessary requirements for your children. Find out your their weakness, and help them overcome it. Don’t let them be; do whatever it may take just to polish and prepare them for the future.”
 K Asare exhorted the fathers, especially the ones earning low-income that it is possible for their children to transform the world should they work towards fighting mediocre and consider what they’ve heard.
 The Founder of Rock Foundation said it was important fatherhood should be understood and taken very seriously, particularly here in Ghana. “One of the most important things for father’s here is to be able to understand who God has made you and with all your heart, follow His leading into victory.”

 According to him, Fatherhood is a great challenge, saying: “Being a good father is not easy task, but I believe that God’s grace is sufficient for your victory.”
 S.K. Asare also challenged fathers to accept change, “Unfortunately for some of us, we never had father’s to teach us the way fatherhood should be, but thank God, we have His voice reaching us today for a change, We need submit and embrace His word for change because that’s the only way we break the old system and improve for the better.”

The motivational speaker also entreated Father’s to stretch beyond the level of putting money on the table and invest quality time and effort into the lives of their children, doing whatever it may take to put them on the high platform.

Samuel K Asare Snr, due to the limitations he encountered in his few years on earth, has taken the divine mandate to make sure lives are transformed all across the globe, especially here on the African continent.