Author, motivational speaker and founder of Rock Foundation Samuel K Asare Snr has urged Ghanaians to channel and convert insults rendered to the President into fervent prayers.

Speaking at a meeting dubbed, “Intervention Hour,” held by Rock Foundation in the Central Part of Ghana on Saturday the 20th of August 2016, Asare Snr said: “It’s very unfortunate for some time now, how some of us rain insults on our president. It’s not proper, it’s not right and not a good act to keep.

Strengthening his point and exhorting from the scriptures “Romans 13 and 1 Timothy 2:2, “he insisted that, “everyone who lives in this country no matter the status or complexion, is demanded by God to give full respect to the government, particularly the president. Whether you like him or not; whether his decisions favour you or not, It’s your duty to respect him and not the other way round. I believe it will be far better and beneficial, if we rather convert the insults we render to the sitting president and government into effectual fervent prayers.”

K Asare Snr. Sent out a word of caution to the people who gathered at the Official town Methodist Park in the Central region and beyond to convert insults channeled to the president and government into fervent and effectual prayers, to cause an open Heavens over the nation.

Intervention Hour” is a program organized by Rock Foundation’s. launched on Sunday the 7th of August 2016 by Samuel K Asare Snr, to serve as an intercession platform. The program is to run for a whole month, interceding for the requests made by people, and distributing prayer points, and directions across the world.

Wrapping up at the meeting, Samuel K Asare Snr joined hands together with other believers present and prayed for the nation Ghana.