The founder of Rock Foundation and author of the book“10 Lessons My Father Never Taught Me”, Samuel K Asare Snr, has advised parents especially men to wake up to their responsibility as fathers, addressing from the quote Proverbs 22:6.

According to Asare Snr, the reason children particularly here in Ghana indulge in many negative activities is because they have been left to themselves especially by the fathers who supposed to be their instructors.

Speaking in Rock Foundation conference, “Destiny Forum,” in Accra with parents and individuals as participants, Asare Snr said,
“Children here in Ghana are walking gradually in deadly paths which makes me panic for their future.

Most children, instead of receiving training, rather are left to themselves. They do what they like without shame or restrictions. That’s so risky because nothing good comes out of any system left to itself; and God’s wrath will take hold of your household. You’ve putting your name on the child as a father; provided money on the table for up keep. They are your responsibility and God bless you but fatherhood goes beyond that. Father’s, with all due respect, wake up!”

According to him, Father’s are heads or masters of the household, with the help of the mother. So whatever reaped in the future, is no different from what was sown into the children. Ultimately, the harvest is on the heads of fathers because that is the protocol of God.

“God’s institution of the family, He made man the head over the woman and the fruits in the union. The duty of man is very high and thus God requires so much from him, particularly on how the children should be raised in order not to become a pain in the neck in future. Sadly, most father’s here with all due respect do not give attention to God’s word that instructs us on training the children in the way they should go. Others who try also only borders about school fees, pocket-money and nothing else.”

The author said he was worried about the fact that if father’s fail to wake up to their responsibility as heads of the house, The children will become useless and threat to society.

As he puts it, “Fathers, I urge you to wake up to your most important responsibility, training your children in the right path they should walk so they don’t become a threat to society tomorrow.

Remember, that one day, God Almighty is going to hold you accountable for their life as a steward. God bless you for the money you give. Please go beyond that with courage and lead your children to God’s promised land.It is possible and you can do it. God bless you.”

Source: RockNews