EasyAcc 4-port USB Power Strip Review

Welcome back guys to another review from myself and droid horizon this time we’re looking at the EasyAcc 4-Port USB Power Strip. First off have a look around your home or think if your reading this while out and about, now think about your power supplies, your double sockets, now think how many of your devices use up those sockets, mobile phones (usually at least 2), tablets maybe other portable gaming devices, portable bluetooth speakers and smart watches all needing those sockets to charge.

Now the EasyAcc power strip may look like a chunky cousin to an ordinary 4 plug extension lead and out of the box that is pretty much exactly what it looks like, however what EasyAcc have done is bridge the gap of old technology and new technology.

It’s an extension lead of old and 4 USB ports, 2 of 5v 2.4A and 2 of 5v 1.0A for more modern-day devices and a trusted on and off switch .

The power supply is similar to PC bringing the travel size down for packing into smaller sizes.

I could say how this product drastically changed my life, well I’m not in the game of telling lies, if I was completely honest with you all I plugged it in and it did it’s job and after deciding what I needed to inform you guys about I pretty much forgot about it, but is that not the point, it is a product to be forgotten but used, and that is why this is a great product.

OK guys here’s the technical details for you lovely tech heads out there.

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