Weekly What Works- February 22, 2016

Photo credit: ABC News

Six Things We Learned From Hillary Clinton’s Nevada Victory

This headline is very SEO friendly because it uses all of the key words a person searching for information about who won the Nevada Caucus and it also, as I have highlighted in other Weekly What Works posts, utilizes the listicle format that are viewed more often.

While this article veers from the traditional hard news format, it does contain a hard news lead.

“Hillary Clinton notched an important victory in Saturday’s Nevada caucus, winning a diverse state and building significant momentum before a series of primary contests in which she is likely to be favored by significant margins.”

This lead does a good job of outlining the key information readers would be interested in knowing in the first sentence. Within this short lead the audience discovers who won the Nevada Caucus, Hilary Clinton, when this took place, Saturday, and most importantly it concisely summarizes why this matters, winning this diverse state allowed her to build significant momentum.

Because this is a listicle piece, the nutgraph immediately follows the lead and provides the readers with just a little more information about the event and Hillary’s lead and it also sets up the list, or the remainder of the story.

A look at early entrance polls in the Silver State gives us a picture of how Clinton built a winning coalition in the state. Here are some of the biggest takeaways:

While again, this story is considered hard news the reporter did not choose to quote other sources. Instead, she sites the different things Hillary did while in Nevada that allowed her to succeed.

One thing I think the reporter could have added to the story was tweets pulled from Nevada voters that showed why they voted for Hillary. I think this visual would add a little more depth to the story.

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