Photo taken by Alejandro Alvarez

The Stronghold Called Racism

There was a time when people who held certain beliefs against people of color would hide their faces under hoods. That day is no more! The world watched as a new level of audacity was on display in Charlottesville, VA this past weekend.

Racism is Sin and a Stronghold

As I caught glimpses of what was happening in VA, I was totally shocked by the lack of concern by the White Nationalists, Supremacists, and members of the KKK who gathered at the “Unite the Right” rally. The lack of concern of being seen.

Something has bolstered these groups to proclaim their manifesto of an America where White’s continue to be the dominant culture. While that is the current status as it has been since the founding of our country, there must be a fear that minorities are taking over.

Under the battlecry of “You Will Not Replace Us”, there is a desire for a resurgence of the good ole days, whatever that means. The good ole days were not good for everybody, especially people of color.

This sin and stronghold has entrenched itself into the very fabric of our society and holds many in its grip. Along with pride, racism is the “Prince of Persia” described in the Book of Daniel, but in an American sense.

While we can make this about people, this is not a war against flesh and blood. There is a sinister spirit stirring hatred. This sinister spirit has been doing so since the inception of America.

Photo taken by Alejandro Alvarez

Tiki Torches and No Masks

Whoever decided that Tiki torches were a necessary item had to have thought through what graven images would be imprinted in people’s minds as people circled the Robert E. Lee monument.

The resemblance to pictures and videos we’ve seen of the KKK holding torches at rally gatherings was the effect sought after and accomplished. The only difference is that none of the men or women wore a mask.

Didn’t these men and women think that they would be seen, photographed, and possibly caught on video? They obviously didn’t care. What does this disregard say to us? What does it say about how this stronghold will coerce and convince people in its grip that it doesn’t matter that you’re visibly acting out on its whim for all to see.

Lest We Forget

This rally was about protesting the removal of a monument, an idol if you will, that reminds us of the Confederacy. What is it about these monuments that the thought of removing them incites such chaos? The history that the monuments portray are not good.

The Confederacy fought for the continuation of slavery. The banner or flag that they fought under was to serve as a reminder of oppression for people of color.

William Tappan Thompson put it like this, “As a people we are fighting to maintain the Heaven-ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race; a white flag would thus be emblematical of our cause.”

While the flag design would ultimately be changed to what we see below, the meaning behind it has not. What demonic entity do you think gave the meaning of what the flag would represent?

Confederate flag

What Do We Do With These False Arguments?

This reasoning of racism is a false argument and it is learned. The lesson plans drawn up by the stronghold itself. Racism exalts this reasoning in the mind of those still under its control. Only the exaltation of Christ will dislodge this stronghold from the hearts and minds of many. Kind of like the only way you can open up jar that is stuck is by turning it over and smacking the bottom of it. That jolt dislodges whatever causes it to be stuck.

I for one am repulsed and saddened by what I saw this weekend. I’m also angry at the audacity of this stronghold using God’s image bearers as his pawns to continue to propagate hate. It was blatant, in your face, for the whole world to see.

The reason that this hatred manifests itself towards others is a result of the fall brought about by the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden. We don’t fully grasp the damage that was done when the first man and woman took matters into their own hands in their attempts to become like God on their own terms. That one act of disobedience has affected all of us in ways that we can’t imagine and at many times of our lives deny.

This animosity that we see publicly strutting itself can only be dismantled by the precious blood that Jesus shed on the cross and by the Holy Spirit shedding his love in the hearts of those who harbor it.

Will you join me in praying against this?

Why pray? Because just like Daniel had to pray against the strongholds in his day, we need to pray against the ones in ours.


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