One of the Many Advantages of Traveling

What are some of the things you like to do when you get time off work or when you get time off school? As a college student, I personally like to use my free time to sleep, do some hobbies, and go out with friends. But when I get a little extra time off school, like a summer or winter break; sleeping, going out with friends, and doing some hobbies can get kind of repetitive. So when I have a lot of extra time on my hands where I have no responsibilities like homework, working, or going to class, I like to travel. I have been traveling every summer and winter break ever since I was a little girl and I don’t think I’d ever get bored of it. Traveling is probably one of everyone’s favorite activities to do when they get a few weeks off work, school, and responsibilities — at least I know it’s one of my favorite things to do when I am on vacation. I mean, traveling isn’t only fun and a good way to use up all that free time, it also has many other advantages like keeping you occupied in a productive way, is a great way to make memories and create life changing experiences, helps you reduce stress and relax, and much more. People have their reasons for loving to travel, but I have noticed that so many people see traveling as a great form of education, so in this post I’ll give you a few reasons as to why so many people consider travel as an education.

Lots of people believe that traveling could be considered one of the best forms of education, because through traveling, you learn about the places you go to, you create experiences that could come in handy in later events, you can learn new languages from the actual source, and it encourages you to try new things, you become more independent, etc. These are all reasons that many bloggers list when describing why traveling is a great from of education. There are many blogger who dedicate most of their life to travel, and use their experiences to write posts on the advantages of traveling, like a blogger named Amanda. Amanda is in her late twenties and in a lot of her posts, she write about how she grew up in a small town and one day she was finally able to go to A Lord of the Rings Tour in New Zealand, and after that, her life changed forever. In a specific post titled “Is Travel the Best Education?”, she writes about her background, and how traveling has changed her life. She gives many reasons as to why she believes travel is one of the best forms of educations. She explains how traveling has helped her learn so many things that aren’t always taught in school by saying “traveling supplemented my education in a way that textbooks and PowerPoint presentations in lecture halls just simply could not.” Amanda writes how she has learned about things related to subjects like history, geography, language, etc. and how if she didn’t travel, she might not have learned any of this in school. “Well, I don’t know if it deserves the superlative of the “best.” (And I still wouldn’t recommend dropping out of school to travel.) But travel IS definitely is really valuable and an integral part of becoming a global citizen of the world.” It is clear that she thinks travel is a very valuable thing in life that can teach you so many things you might not learn at home. So many other bloggers agree with Amanda and also believe that education is a great form of education.

Blogger Leon Logothetis, a world traveler, adventurer, author, and TV host wrote a blog post titled “5 Reasons Why Traveling is the Best Education” where he also uses his personal experiences to support his statement. He writes about how he has learned new languages, how has explored the different cultures, learned more about history, and how he has gained independence from traveling. All of his ideas and opinions were relatable and understandable, but one that caught my attention stated that The very act of traveling is a test of one’s will, patience, and fortitude. “The very act of traveling is a test of one’s will, patience, and fortitude………Traveling teaches everyone how to improvise.” I can agree and relate with this statement because I have had to improvise during some of my travels when things went wrong. And being able to improvise is a skill that we all need, especially when we are someplace far from home or far from family and friends. At least I know it had helped me during my travels.

So there you have it, all the reasons as to why people consider traveling to be a great form of education, and in my last post I wrote about how some people think traveling isn’t related to education at all. It is up to you to decide what side you’re on based on the examples I’ve provided, or even based on your personal opinions. But just remember there is not right or wrong about anyones opinions.