Things You Should Know Before You Plan a Trip

Traveling is such a fun thing to do and there are so many places to visit and explore. But, before one can actually travel, you need to plan your trip way ahead of time, it’s a long process that you really can’t do over night. Most importantly, you have to think smart and ahead, think about the near future, what should or could be happening while you are on a trip.

When I say you need to plan ahead, I mean you need to make sure you choose the right days where you have no plans — don’t plan a trip if you know you will be expecting a baby the days you’ll be on a trip for example. That one seems a bit logical though and not very common, so to make it more relatable here is a few other examples. If you are a female and planning to go to the most amazing beach in the world, don’t make the trip during the week you’ll be on your period, please, just don’t, you’ll regret it. Another example would be if you have a job, don’t plan the trip until you know for sure you will get those days off, unless you want to get fired, then go right ahead. One final example that I have witnessed is that if you know you have a huge final that is worth 50% of your grade so if you fail the test you also fail the class, DON’T plan a trip for that day. This are all examples of things you should think about when planning a trip, but sometimes we simply can’t control a sudden situation like you dying a week before the trip — that would be very unfortunate. But could happen, so take care of yourself.

Sometimes there will be situations that are sudden and not relevant to you or your personal life for example, a sudden terrorist attack on the country you are planning on visiting, or a sudden natural disaster, or even a sudden emergent disease — which will be my main focus for this post.

While doing a lot of research on my topic, I have recently found a lot of news on this new virus known as Zika. You may have heard of it, but if you haven’t, zika is an infectious disease cause by the zika virus. Most cases show no symptoms, but when present they are usually mild and can resemble dengue fever such as fever, red eyes, joint pain, headache, and a maculopapular rash. So it’s pretty scary. And apparently, this virus is spreading rapidly in many countries, so if you have trips planned to the south part of Florida, parts of Mexico, South America, The Pacific Islands, The Caribbean, and Asia, you might want to do some research first and consider the fact that you may need to rescheduled that trip.

I personally think that Zika is a virus that should be talked more about, I have told my friends about it and only a handful of them have heard of it, but still didn’t even know what it was exactly. It is spreading rapidly and it could eventually reach more parts of the world, so even if you are going on a trip or not, it is always good to be prepared for anything that could happen.

Fortune Magazine wrote an informative article on the situation titled “Three Countries Issue Travel Warnings for Singapore Over Zika”. In the article, they state how countries such as Australia, Taiwan, andSouth Korea have advised people — especially pregnant women or women trying to become pregnant — not to travel to Singapore after an outbreak of the virus infected more than 50 people in the city-state. The virus is known to be harmful especially to pregnant woman because there is a high risk it could cause sever birth defects. The article has shown how this virus has been linked to over 1,800 cases of microcephaly — a rare birth defect that can cause babies to be born with very small heads and brains.

As you can now see, this virus is a lot more serious than people may think, and unfortunately it has been underreported and mainly just reported in the current countries that are affected by this virus. This is a good reason as to why it is always important to keep the following in mind while planning a trip; 1. Always plan ahead and be prepared. 2. Make sure you choose the right days to travel (have no plans, etc). 3. Last but not least, always keep up with the current events and news of that place you plan on going to, so you can either reschedule or be well prepared for the situation.