Why traveling isn’t the best education

If you read my last blog post, you’ll know that a topic often talked about when it comes to traveling is that if travel can really be considered a good form of education. You’ll also know that there are two sides to the discussion, while a lot of people agree that traveling is a great form of education because it can provide you with a lot of knowledge and understanding, a large group of people disagree completely. A lot of people believe that traveling can simply be just a leisure activity or a form to relax, but not considered a form of education, and definitely not something you should drop out of school to do. If you already disagree with this argument, I will provide you a few more arguments from bloggers who strongly believe this and give a few examples as to why travel does not equal education.

According to blogger Allison Smith, travel is not education. In my previous blog post, I stated why traveling shouldn’t be considered a good form of education and I quoted Allison to defend this side of the debate. In case you didn’t read my previous blog post, I will quote again what Allison states in her blog post “TRAVEL IS NOT EDUCATION”. Allison believes that people are capable of learning everything they need and would like to know without having to travel. She strongly believes that travel isn’t a great form of education and really shouldn’t be considered an education at all. Quotes found on the internet like “Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have traveled.” have inspired her to give her strong opinions as to why she wouldn’t consider travel as an education. Allison believes that all the experiences we live and creat in our own countries or overseas can shape and change us and even teach us a few things we might not learn in certain places, but Allison also believes that even though travel is something nice and fun, certain lessons can sometimes “lead to a smug worldliness that views those who don’t travel as lesser beings.” which she considers to be “an attitude that is not only arrogant but also misguided”. That being said, she clearly believes that we can learn a lot more through the different forms of education that exist than traveling for the rest of our lives and thinking that would be enough. She also uses personal experiences to defend her argument, which I can personally agree with and relate to. She states how many of her family and friends have travelled to different countries or cities, yet when they are asked questions about those countries and cities they’ve been to — and I am talking about in depth questions like questions based on history, economy, politics, environment, etc. they don’t know how to answer the questions they are asked. People will assume you know everything there is to know about the countries you visit, but in reality, most of what we know about all these different countries was taught to us through the education we received from going to school. I also personally know a lot of people who travel all the time, yet don’t know anything about the countries they have gone to, while I also know people who haven’t traveled at all, yet know so much about different countries. So her conclusion is simple, she believes education does not equal education because “it is not necessarily an antidote for ignorance and it is no replacement for curiosity.”.

When you really think about it, it makes sense because so much of what we learn is from the education we receive from school, from our family, friends, and peers, from what we can find on the internet or books, or from what we learn from our experiences which mainly occur in the environment we live in. Now, id you don’t want to believe that travel is not education, you should at least know and understand that it is definitely not the best education. There are so many intelligent and extremely knowledgeable people in our world, and not all of them have had the opportunities to travel because they can’t afford it or because they aren’t allowed to leave their country. But that doesn’t stop people who actually want to learn more about this world, to not do their research. Now a days, you can find just about any kind of information on any subject that you can think of, so if someone really wanted to learn more about their world but can’t physically go to the place they want to learn about, they can find all the information they wanted in a book or on a computer screen. This is proof that you do not need to travel in order to gain knowledge and intelligence. So in conclusion, travel doesn’t not necessarily equal intelligence.