As I write today’s spoken word, I recollect the past 6 months. How much I have risked for my purpose: family, home, and income.

Is purpose abstract or concrete? If a maple tree has DNA to guide and direct it’s life without confusion, why do humans seemed to be confused with their life tasks? So much technology exists to prove the stages of plants and animals. And so little to prove the stages of each human being. Kind of.

We have general processes mapped out. Not enough for some of us. We want our end defined before we begin. Let alone live each day fully and effectively. We waste energy. We over consume. We take unecessary risks. We try to be something we are not. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have a concsious. There is power in thinking. A tool not clearly described and definitely not completely explained.

Are we dumb? I mean really. Are we so simple to be classified with plants and animals? Well, they are complicated and more intelligent. Human beings are under the impression that the ability to think is intelligence. Maybe. When was the last time you saw a maple tree murder the tree next to it out of jealousy or rage?

Back to purpose. We live in an ecosystem, co-existing, needing each other. The other just as important as another. What is our purpose? To work the land. To live.

At some time, we were one with the earth. And at some point we were disconnected and began working to live. Civilization. Such a modern concept. We have enslaved ourselves to desires that do not exist. Purpose has been replaced with profession. Wow.

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