How to Market Yourself on SoundCloud

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There are so many aspiring musicians out there that it’s easy to become lost in the ocean of all this new and creative talent. The trick is to set yourself apart from the rest. SoundCloud is one such platform that enables you to promote your music and build your reputation as a bona fide artist. It is fast becoming the place to upload your music and let the world listen to it mainly because it offers you a multitude of services — streaming, distribution and access to your audience.

Here are some tips on how you can differentiate and market yourself on SoundCloud:

1. Develop a Marketing Plan: This is critical as it is the only way you can reach the right audience. First and foremost, you need to establish the type of music you want to step into. Then you need to analyze the market, the competition and the audience profile. Once you have this basic information, you can set about establishing your particular niche and what differentiates you from all the rest in your segment.

2. Determine Your Market. Once you know your competition and your music segment, you also need to know who your potential listeners are. Again you can get this information on YouTube, Mixcloud, SoundCloud and Reddit. To target people in a certain area, you may need to use Google analytics to see who is visiting your site and how long did they stay and listen to your music. Google and YouTube offer free analytics while some SoundCloud platforms also offer this service for a small fee. You can also use Twitter to develop a fan base and have an active Facebook page to both promote and interact with your fans. The bigger your social media presence, the more likely you are to get exposure as well as learn about your potential audience.

3. Buy SoundCloud Plays: Another effective strategy to market yourself and your music is by buying SoundCloud plays, followers, reposts, comments, likes and downloads. Platforms like BuySCPlays offer these services at very affordable rates. These service providers are experts in this area and use promotional methods that will generate genuine Soundcloud plays and downloads for you. Many of these platforms offer a free trial which enable you to test them out and see how their business model works.

4. Promote Music on Social Media: One of the best ways to promote your music is through social media sites. Since you know your audience, you can target them at a particular time or in a particular location. Today, Facebook is the premier social media site with millions of visitors every single day. Most music streaming platforms enable you to share your music on the social media. You can not only link your webpage but also connect your audience to your profile on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and YouTube. To engage your audience, start a conversation, make comments, ask questions, and share other posts and tweets. You need to create some type of connection with the audience. You can even offer discount tickets to concerts or give away backstage passes.

The music industry is fiercely competitive but with technology and easy access to users through online streaming platforms, it is evident that in order to be noticed, you need to be different and you need to adopt strategies that will help you gain more exposure in your particular niche.

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