Deliver with excellence

Today morning I ran into a video about the Top 40 under 40 women in Kenya. This caught my attention as one of the top 40 under 40 women, a vice president at Barclays bank, was talking about excellence. This is what she had to say: “ Always deliver with excellence. This means giving your best and quality work even when no one is watching. Your character is who you are when no one is watching you. Do your work with excellence because you want to be accountable, and honest with yourself’’. I remembered this is what Andela advocates for.

Today I get to talk about my boot-camp team members. Let’s dive in. I will start with our boot-camp facilitator, Felistas Ngumi. She has been awesome throughout this journey. Every morning, we have stand-ups on google hangouts, we get to talk about what we are currently working on and any blockers we have. We have never missed this. She is quick at providing feedback and guiding us through an implementation of the same. She is jovial and loves to laugh. She says she loves to laugh even when she is having the most terrible moment.I am excited about her being our facilitator.

My team members are also awesome. Peter Ndungu is one individual I have interacted with the most. He has a way of fixing problems. He anticipates problems before we run into them. We made him our team lead today which he embraced well and with excitement. He is not afraid to ask and seek feedback.

I will also talk about Lawrence Chege. Lawrence has been great. He is one to ask questions and seek feedback without fear. He has run into problems but his willingness to learn and perform is incredible. He is also very jovial and willing to help us all.

This week has been great. I look forward to meeting other boot-campers and know more about them. Diversity is great. Diversity is the art of thinking independently together. That is it from me today. Bye!